Paideia and social ascension in Roman Africa: the life of Apuleius from Madaura (2nd Century A.D.)

Belchior Monteiro Lima Neto


The comeback of biographical studies in the last decades opens new possibilities
of research in what concerns Ancient History. That shows how complex
the action of individuals in ancient societies was. Within this perspective, our
investigation will focus on the life of Apuleius from Madauros, in order to
perceive the importance of Greek-Roman paideia as a fundamental element of
social insertion for North-African elites in Roman imperial society. In general
terms, the biography of Apuleius could be understood as a model case in the
heart of local urban aristocracies, offering us an example of the way in which
this group, through the instruction in paideia, experienced social ascension
and grasp the new possibilities opened by the advent of Roman domination
in that region.


Roman empire; Proconsular Africa; biography; Apuleius from Madauros; paideia.

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